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Stucco Remediation

Stucco is a material found in various older establishments/buildings as well as homes.

Since it gets easily absorbed, due to the material remaining wet or gets wet for a very long time, then the flashing can fail and the stucco will have to be repaired.

But homeowners can avoid the hassle of stucco remediation following a failure and just get in touch with Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors.

Protect Your House by Hiring us

Other siding products can provide alternative options for your stucco home. Our design solution experts are able to provide a number of important benefits to the homeowners which include the following- Easy installation, highly rated impact resistance, resistant to cracking, fade resistant, and long lasting texture.

Moreover, you can find both vinyl siding products including fiber cement siding are available in a wide range of attractive colors to suit any home. Siding can be placed architectural features, porch overhangs, gables, and many more. Most siding products require little to no upkeep, so you will not have to worry about the failures many years down the road.

Stucco remediation is a great option for homes, large or small.

Stucco Failures

Inadequate sealing around the doors, windows, windows, including the surface, joins can result in water getting inside the walls. This penetration of water eventually causes the material to fail. Poor stucco application practices can also introduce fundamental instabilities into the wall system.

Know whether the problem is really fixed or not

A brand new stucco finish can be applied when the failure is detected. But this does not actually solve the problems associated with the material. The same issue can develop again in the future, which would require restoration. To avoid this situation, various homeowners are looking for better solutions. Today’s contractors recommend replacing stucco with siding products made from vinyl or fiber cement because these do not fail water absorption has taken place.


Most stucco-only contractors do not have the necessary experience to identify and mend underlying problems. But we at Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors fully understand that these minor issues can lead to more serious damage and significant costs. We have the required knowledge and expertise needed to perform a successful stucco remediation. We guarantee accurate and effective solutions without jumping into any conclusions initially.

We will properly diagnose the issues you may be experiencing, repair them accordingly. Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors also offer top-notch replacement services that will protect your house against future moisture problems. Our alternatives offer another viable option to give your home a different look.

Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors specializes in stucco remediation and repair. We provide you with high quality and personal services that you cannot get from anyone else. Our technicians pride themselves on professionalism, and responsiveness. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, we deliver the most functional, and cost-effective solutions possible to the customers.

We not only offer exceptional services during the commencement of the project, we also stand behind the work we do. We are one of the only stucco companies that offer a complete encompasses all the work we do including the warranty. This guarantees you long term protection of one of your most valuable possessions, i.e.- your home.

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