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Hynes Roofing company King of Prussia is a fully licensed, bonded and insured roofing company specializing in roof repair services, new roof construction and siding installation in areas all across King of Prussia. No matter what the project is, whether it is repairing a leaky roof, or installing a new one, our each residential or commercial project is fully protected by our workmanship and experienced team.

All our projects stand on the robust pillar of quality, both with our products and our workmanship. Hynes Roofing company initiates with a wide variety of the highest quality materials to complete each project with perfection. We have been in the roofing business since 1974, offering high-quality work at competitive pricing with quick response times. Give us a call at 1-610-879-2023 for a quote on our roofing services. We are your one-stop destination for all your roofing needs.

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Residential Roofing and Home Improvement Contractors King Of Prussia, PA

The Best Residential Services From HYNES Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors King of Prussia

The team of Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors have expertise and skills that offer all the homeowners of King of Prussia and surrounding areas high-quality residential roofing services at affordable rates. So, if you are planning for a new roof, roof repair, or roof maintenance in the King of Prussia or the surrounding areas, then reach us online or through a call at 1-610-879-2023. Our skillful and professional estimators would take this as an opportunity to provide free estimates to you to help you to make an intelligent decision about any sort of residential work. Our roofing crews provide elite craftsmanship that results in high-quality work.

Roof Repair & Replacement

The life of the roof of your home decays with time, however, it is one of those things that can be extended. Moreover, to judge whether your roof needs a repair or replacement, you need to take a piece of advice from experts in this field. At times, it is better to just replace the whole roofing system, but if replacing your roof is not an option, repairing the roof of your home may turn out to be a better option. It is vital to take good care of your roofing system as its robustness keeps water from seeping in and doing much more expensive structural damage.

With Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors, you can expect only quality materials and quality craftsmanship that can complement almost any budget all across the King of Prussia and surrounding areas. Our team of experts minutely inspect all previous work and give recommendations based on experience and knowledge of how roofing works. If you are seeking help for your roofing system, call us at 1-610-879-2023 to get the free estimate and real picture of your roof.

Siding Repair & Replacement

Tweaking the look and color of your siding can bring a drastic change in the way your home looks. Whether your aim is to come up with beautiful colors or unique styles, Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors provide everything under one roof with unmatched durability and performance all across the King of Prussia. Our wide range of products and brilliant craftsmanship deliver the cent percent results in no time.

The team of experts at Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors is licensed and professional enough to find and fix your siding leak, no matter how big it is. Installing or repairing a sliding not just add to aesthetics, but also protects the property from the harsh weather by boosting the insulation. Your investment in repair and installation of sliding will turn out to be a wise decision after you witness our results. Your search for ideal King of Prussia siding contractor ends here at Hynes. Get in touch with us at 1-610-879-2023 to start the project.

Window replacement

Windows are the quintessenceof every home. They do not just allow the sun to beam into the home, but they also make sure that the harmful elements never enter the home through them. And older windows, with time, start to deteriorate, thereby not fulfilling this sole purpose and allowing the outside air to enter the home. This results in an increase in the home energy bill. Hence, it is vital to take good care of the windows of your home with its regular inspection from experts Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors who are experts in installing premium replacement windows in King of Prussia and surrounding areas.

Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors is an industry leader in window installation and replacement with over 44 years of experience. With our services, every home in King of Prussia is able to have the best windows installed for a fraction of the cost. We install windows that both beautifies and protects exteriors. For those looking to make a statement with beautiful, robust windows, contact us at 1-610-879-2023 to get acquainted with our window replacement services.

Door Systems

No matter which door of your home requires restoration, repair, or replacement, Hynes Roofing Company in King of Prussia offers the best-in-class and high-quality door installation system within the scheduled time period. Being a premier company in King of Prussia and other surrounding areas, we offer an extensive variety of materials, styles, colors, and features to complement any style of home.

Most of the homeowners remain confused about whether their door needs a replacement or repair. At this very moment, experts in this field- Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors come into play. Our professional door system services can help make your home a better and secure place to live. We offer a free in-home consultation or quote for your door or window replacement project. Get in touch with us at 1-610-879-2023 and get an option to choose from a huge variety- Wood, fiberglass, steel or solid glass, that best suits your taste and budget.

Gutter & Downspout

Looking for experts across King of Prussia who can help you in the installation of the gutter? Then, Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors is a final destination for your search. We offer a huge range of selection of gutter and downspout colors and materials all over King of Prussia and surrounding areas. Gutters are vital for any structure with a sloped roof, ensuring that water never causes any unnecessary damage to the property. A properly installed gutter by experts of Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors makes sure that the water gets diverted away from the structure.

Hynes Roofing And Home Improvement Contractors offers the highest quality gutters in the industry with the use of the latest seamless gutter machinery whose output complements your home and also add retail value to it. Get in touch with us online or at 1-610-879-2023 to protect your home against any damage caused by clogged gutters.


Every small detail matters a lot when it comes to masonry restoration and the experts of Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors keep a hawk-eye on all such minute details, thereby making each and every complex project successful with professional craftsmen who have years of experience in building and repairing structures made out of brick, stone, tile, concrete and similar materials.Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors cater to all the masonry construction needs all across the King of Prussia area.

Our unmatched quality with high standards hit the bullseye leading to the completion of a perfect masonry job. Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors maintain accountability for every aspect of our contribution to your successful project completion. To avail our masonry services in King of Prussia and surrounding areas, call us at 1-610-879-2023 to initiate a virtuous cycle of beautification and quality.


King of Prussia is a destination point visited by a myriad of tourists to witness its beautiful historic places. And those who call King of Prussia their home can take pride in helping it grow to its true potential. The same can be said about your home in King of Prussia or surrounding areas if you outsmart your nearby homeowners with a unique look of your home with the fulcrum of the best paint jobs for your home. For this, you will need to call the professionals at Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors who have the expertise to provide professional painting services at affordable prices.

Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors feel proud to have a strong reputation for being the most professional and affordable house painting company in King of Prussia and surrounding areas. Avail our painting services by calling us at 1-610-879-2023 and feel a new experience of your beautified home that you will definitely admire.

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Commercial Roofing and Home Improvement Contractors King Of Prussia, PA

Trust the experience of Hynes Roofing, Siding & Home Improvement Contractors for Commercial Roofing And Home Improvement in King of Prussia and surrounding areas

Experience the exceptional services for all your business needs in King of Prussia and areas beyond it with Hynes Roofing, Siding & Home Improvement Contractors. As full service commercial roofing company, we have expertise and manpower to cater to the needs of any roofing project, regardless of its size. Our licensed team of roofers perfectly perform a variety of commercial roofing service options for each of our clients.
Hynes Roofing, Siding & Home Improvement Contractors provides roofing solutions with the utmost service. Get in touch with us at 1-610-879-2023 and we will be your helping hand in all the processes, from design to budgeting, installation, and follow-up we will partner with you through the entire process, thereby delivering high-quality results.
Commercial Roof Repair

A regular roof inspection from the experts in this field is vital to maintaining the formidable health of the roof of your commercial property. Being the owner of your commercial property, you can understand the importance of subjecting your property under the perfect contractor to gain the best results in the first time itself. Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractorsoffer solutions for commercial roofing installation, replacement, repair, and other services throughout the King of Prussia and surrounding area, thereby turning the cumbersome looking project into a streamlined one with our expert and professional services.

Our team of experts leaves no stone unturned to deliver the most efficient and professional experience to all of our clients. Call us at 1-610-879-2023 and we will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss all your roofing problems.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof seems to be a daunting task, however, it is one of the most vitalproperty improvement projects that demand an expert and professional team. A new roof will perform two tasks at the same time, it will add value and exterior appeal to your property in King of Prussia or surrounding areas. To protect your property, a proper roof replacement along with timely maintenance is an important parameter. At Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors, we provide you with the ideal roofing option to best defend your home against the hazardous elements and add beauty to your home.

Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors are committed to providing you with an effective solution for each and every roofing issue. So, if you are dealing with any sort of roofing issue, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-610-879-2023. We are just one call away to start a project promptly and finish it effectively as soon as possible.

Commercial New Roof Construction

The first impression matters a lot and roof is the first thing that a client witness when they come to your organization. Hence, to build a robust impression in the mind of a potential client, make sure that the roof of your commercial property is in good health and shape. To make sure that the roof of your commercial property looks eye-catching, rely on Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors who will cater to all your commercial roofing needs in King of Prussia and surrounding areas.

Our team at Hynes Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors works efficiently and quickly to delivertop-notch results for all your roofing needs in King of Prussia and areas beyond it. Get in touch with us at 1-610-879-2023 and count on us to deliver the best commercial new roof construction services.


King Of Prussia

The eponymous King of Prussia Inn was originally constructed as a cottage in 1719 by the Welsh Quakers William and Janet Rees, founders of Reesville. The cottage was converted to an inn in 1769 and did a steady business in colonial times as it was approximately a day’s travel by horse from Philadelphia. Settlers headed west to Ohio would sleep at the inn on their first night on the road. In 1774 the Rees family hired James Berry to manage the inn, which henceforth became known as “Berry’s Tavern”. General George Washington first visited the tavern on Thanksgiving Day in 1777 while the Continental Army was encamped at Whitemarsh; a few weeks later Washington and the army bivouacked at nearby Valley Forge.

Parker’s spy map,[5] created by a Tory sympathizer of the Kingdom of Great Britain, listed the inn as “Berry’s” in 1777, but a local petition in 1786 identified it as the “King of Prussia”. It was possibly renamed in honor of Benjamin Franklin‘s pro-American satirical essay “An Edict by the King of Prussia”.[6] At some point a wooden signboard of the inn depicted King Frederick II (Frederick the Great) of Prussia. The inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The inn was forced to move with the expansion of U.S. Route 202. U.S. 202 is a major north-south highway that passes through the town from southwest to northeast. Its construction as a modern expressway would have caused the destruction of the King of Prussia Inn; however, historic preservationists managed to prevail upon the state of Pennsylvania to avoid this important structure by building north and southbound lanes on either side of it. For more than a quarter century the inn was marooned on a median island, with motor traffic whizzing past on both sides. It was sealed up for years, surrounded by a high fence. The inn was successfully relocated in 2000 and opened to the public in October 2002.

The extensive suburban development that has taken place since the 1960s in King of Prussia has led urban planning scholars like Joel Garreau to label the area as an epitome of the edge city phenomenon, a situation where the most vibrant economic growth and prosperity in a metropolitan area (in this case, Philadelphia) no longer occurs in the urban center, but rather at its periphery. Before 1960, the Greater King of Prussia area was known for little more than being the place of Washington’s winter respite in 1777-8 (see Valley Forge National Historical Park).[8] The growth in King of Prussia developed around the convergence of four highways with the construction of the King of Prussia mall, a large business park, and housing developments.


There is no incorporated city of King of Prussia, although the United States Postal Service office there has carried that name since 1837. Its ZIP code is 19406.[11] King of Prussia’s boundaries, as defined by the Census Bureau, are the Schuylkill River to the north, U.S. Route 422 to the west, Bridgeport to the east, and I-76 to the south. However, the Greater King of Prussia Area is often cited to include Bridgeport, parts of Wayne and Radnor Township, King Manor, as well as most of Gulph Mills. The local fire department carries the King of Prussia name, whereas the police department and the school district carry the Upper Merion name. King of Prussia is located 20 miles (32 km) northwest of Philadelphia.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 8.5 square miles (22 km2), of which 8.4 square miles (22 km2) is land and 0.1 square miles (0.26 km2), or 0.83%, is water.


As of the 2010 census, the CDP was 69.4% White Non-Hispanic, 5.7% Black or African American, 0.3% Native American, 18.6% Asian, and 2.1% were two or more races. 4.2% of the population were of Hispanic or Latino ancestry. 22.4% of the population was foreign-born.

As of the census[14] of 2000, there were 18,511 people, 8,245 households, and 4,773 families residing in the CDP. The population density was 2,202.4 people per square mile (850.8/km2). There is about 8,705 housing units at an average density of 1,035.7/sq mi (400.1/km2). The racial makeup of the CDP was 82.70% White, 10.62% Asian, 4.26% Black or African American, 0.16% Native American, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 0.84% from other races, and 1.39% from two or more races. 1.91% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

There were 8,245 households, out of which 21.1% have children under the age of 18 living with them, 49.2% were married couples living together, 6.3% had a female householder with no husband present, and 42.1% were non-families. 33.1% of all households were made up of individuals, and 8.1% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.22 and the average family size was 2.89.

In the CDP, the population was spread out, with 17.6% under the age of 18, 8.4% from 18 to 24, 35.1% from 25 to 44, 22.2% from 45 to 64, and 16.7% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 37 years. For every 100 females, there were 97.6 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 96.1 males.

The median income for a household in the CDP was $62,012, and the median income for a family was $75,882. Males had a median income of $50,803 versus $37,347 for females. The per capita income for the CDP was $32,070. 3.2% of the population and 1.6% of families were below the poverty line. 1.8% of those under the age of 18 and 2.1% of those 65 and older were living below the poverty line.


King of Prussia has an unemployment rate of 4.30% and an annual job growth of about 1.44% and 38% over the next ten years.[17] A large portion of that comes from the King of Prussia mall, the largest shopping complex in the United States by shopping area square footage and the numerous employers in the area. The King of Prussia mall consists of over 400 stores, including several luxury retailers, and 8 anchor stores. The mall attracts 22 million visitors annually and produces $1.1 billion in annual sales.[18] A large business park is located to the northwest of the King of Prussia mall, with over 60 commercial and industrial companies on 676 acres. There are about 60,000 people employed in King of Prussia, which is three times the resident population.

King of Prussia is home to the headquarters of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region I, which oversees 25 nuclear power reactors at 16 nuclear power plants in the Northeastern United States.

Source (Wikipedia)

Famous People in King Of Prussia, PA

Main article: Notable people

Source (Wikipedia)

Annual Events


January – April

Children are invited to “Join the Continental Army” and experience a day in the life of the continental soldier. Training sessions are held on the first Saturday of every month from January through April. Come to one, two or all four of the sessions to learn basic drills and commands from the Army’s officers.


March 5 – 11
Presented by King Of Prussia District

More than 30 restaurants are expected to take part in this year’s dineKOP Restaurant Week, where some of King of Prussia’s best restaurants will be offering prix fixe dining specials. The event is also a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, raising $37,000 in three years.


King of Prussia Mall

The annual Taste of the Suburbs Food and Wine Festival brings more than 30 area restaurants, wineries and microbreweries to the King of Prussia Mall for one of the county’s premier culinary events. The festival, sponsored by the King of Prussia Rotary, draws hundreds of visitors each year and benefits the Rotary’s non-profit King of Prussia Charitable Foundation.



Runners, walkers and supporters from across the region come together for the annual Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run®. The namesake race takes runners across the challenging terrain of the park, testing their speed and endurance. A three-mile walk, the 1.776 kilometer (1 mile) Young Patriots Fun Run, and an outdoor expo are all part of the day’s activities.


Wednesdays in July & August

The bells of the Washington Memorial Chapel fill the air with music every Wednesday in July and August. Starting at 7:30 p.m., the weekly carillon concerts feature musicians from around the world including the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia.


October 5 & 7
Presented by KOP BID

King of Prussia’s premiere beer fest is back and bigger than ever! Craft and international brews from all corners of the world will be pouring Thursday night for Donnerstag Happy Hour and twice on Saturday. Performances from Nick Greeley and the Operators as well as Swift Technique will be happening on both days.


December 19
Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge National Historical Park marks the historic day when the Continental Army arrived onsite in 1777, beginning one of the most famous encampments in U.S. history. The evening’s free family-friendly program blends historic programming with holiday honors. On the schedule are speeches by General Washington himself, the debut of a new defensive fort on the Muhlenberg Brigade and festive singing and dancing from the Colonial Revelers.

Source (Wikipedia)

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