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Investing in a high-quality seamless aluminum gutter system will not only improve your home’s curb appeal, its functionality could also help you avoid water damage. Call Hynes Roofing & Siding today at 610-896-6388 or complete our contact form for a free gutter estimate.

Your gutters are an important part of your home’s roofing system. Neglecting them can take a toll on all parts of your home, from the roof to the basement and foundation. That’s why Hynes Roofing & Siding offers complete gutter services including:

  • Gutter installation with seamless aluminum gutters
  • Gutter covers

The Importance of Gutters

Properly functioning gutters and downspouts are indispensable parts of every house. Leaky, broken or poorly installed gutters are detrimental to your property. Roof runoff that isn’t directed away from your home leads damage to your roof, siding, foundation and flooded basements. Plus, you may even end up with damaged landscaping and erosion.

When your gutters are clean, affixed to your home and properly designed, they will direct the water away from your home, keeping it dry. Our gutter services include proper design and installation of seamless gutters and gutter covers.

Why Seamless Aluminum Gutters?

The two options for gutters are seamless and sectional. Seamless gutters offer several advantages over sectional ones including:

Fewer Leak Points. The fasteners and joints reside only at the corners and downspouts of seamless gutters. This ideal streamlined construction minimizes leaks and requires less maintenance.

Made to Measure. Seamless gutters are custom and cut to the length required so they fit your exterior perfectly. This also reduces waste over sectional gutters.

Longer-Lasting. Although seamless aluminum gutters are slightly more expensive than sectional ones, they will last longer, generating a lower year-over-year cost. Every joint of a sectional gutter is a potential fail point and because seamless gutters have fewer seams, they have fewer issues over time.

Maintenance, Cleaning & Gutter Covers

Although seamless gutters need very little maintenance, from time to time, you may have a loose downspout or area that becomes detatched from the home. With the complete gutter services offered by Hynes Roofing & Siding, plus our roofing expertise, we’ll get your gutters repaired properly and make sure that the damage isn’t more extensive. We also offer complete and installation of gutters covers so there won’t be another call for a.


    If your gutters are clogged, call Hynes Roofing & Siding. We are fully committed to providing you with the most thorough and efficient at a reasonable cost.

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    We offer gutter covers for all size and types of gutters. Gutter guards help eliminate the risk of overflowing gutters and water damage to your home. Plus, you won’t have to clean them again.

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